About Julie

Julie Samra holds a Master’s degree in Counseling/ Psychology and a BA in Sociology.  She worked as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in clinical settings with parents, children and families, facing some of life’s toughest challenges.

In 2007, Julie met a wonderful British/Indian man while living in Boston who would become her husband. A few months after getting married, they moved to Asia for six years. During their two years living in Shanghai, China Julie gave birth to their son. And while living in Hyderabad, India for three years, she gave birth to her daughter. (In between those two countries, they lived for a year in Tokyo, Japan). 

During those incredibly eye opening years while living overseas, Julie immersed herself in the food, language, culture and experiences of the countries they lived in and visited. And while she can’t say every minute of her life overseas was an exciting, wonderful experience (food poisoning while pregnant and caring for a two year old, anyone?) it was always an adventure.

Her stories are inspired by her time living in India as well as visiting her husband’s family in England and his family’s farm in Punjab, India (pet monkeys included!)